Budget Hotels in Jutland

Low Rates Year Round

Our 4 hotels in Jutland are centrally located in the largest cities. Aarhus, Aalborg and Esbjerg og Vejle. CABINN Aarhus Hotel is located in the heart of Aarhus near the river, Cathedral and the cosy cafés, while CABINN Aalborg Hotel can be found near the Friis shopping centre on the harbourfront. CABINN Esbjerg Hotel is beautifully situated near the main square Torvet and Denmark’s longest shopping street, Kongensgade. CABINN Vejle Hotel is located very central near the railway station, Bryggen, and main shopping street. 

Prices from DKK 499,- with free Wi-Fi and complimentary tea and coffee in all rooms.

At CABINN we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We represent a decent, honest and affordable hotel concept where you can spend the night in city without breaking your budget. This is possible thanks to the functional design of our rooms, which conserves space without compromising on comfort.

You can choose between four room types: Economy, Standard, Commodore and Captain’s Class. They all include a private bathroom with shower, TV, free Wi-Fi and complimentary tea/coffee. We look forward to welcoming you.