Cheap hotel on Funen

Good location, good quality

CABINN Odense Hotel is located close to the train station in the heart of Odense, just a few minutes’ walk from the historic district and Hans Christian Andersen’s House. From the breakfast café on the top floor you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the city’s beautiful steeples reaching for the sky with Odense Fjord glittering in the distance. CABINN Odense is one of the most popular hotels – and the cheapest – in Funen’s fairy-tale city.

Prices from DKK 499,- with free Wi-Fi and complimentary tea and coffee in all rooms.

At CABINN we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We represent a decent, honest and affordable hotel concept where you can spend the night in city without breaking your budget. This is possible thanks to the functional design of our rooms, which conserves space without compromising on comfort.

You can choose between four room types: Economy, Standard, Commodore, Family and Captain’s Class. They all include a private bathroom with shower, TV, free Wi-Fi and complimentary tea/coffee. We look forward to welcoming you.