Environmental policy

CABINN & sustainability
From talk to action


Sustainability is part and parcel of the CABINN concept. We don't just talk about how we can best take care of the environment, we do something about it. This is plain to see in our hotels themselves, which are conceived, designed and built to give our guests a positive hotel experience with lower energy consumption. 
Our green commitment
We use much less energy for heating than most other hotels, because our rooms are smaller and highly insulated. Furthermore, our rooms have no more than the required number of light fixtures, a smaller television and no unnecessary electrical appliances (e.g. trouser presses).
We have also designed our bathrooms without bathtubs and whirlpool baths because both consume a great deal of water. Instead, all our bathrooms have high-quality showerheads fitted with water-conserving filters. All of these initiatives contribute to reducing energy consumption for the benefit of the environment.
However, we feel we can make a difference in other areas as well. A good example is cleaning, where we only use detergents that carry the Nordic Ecolabel. Similarly, all our bed linen is washed and treated according to the criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel.
Our green foundation
We regularly implement new projects which build on the solid and sustainable foundation upon which the hotel chain rests. Our aim is to constantly improve our routines and procedures, products and services to reduce our environmental footprint, for example:
  • * Replacing technical installations
  • * Using eco-friendly products
  • * Training staff 
  • * Actively collaborating with regulatory bodies
  • * Ensuring sustainable sourcing and investments
Our new green initiatives include replacing the computers in our reception areas with new versions that consume 50% less electricity. We have also modernised several ventilation systems and are in the process of replacing all halogen light bulbs with low-energy LED bulbs to further reduce our electricity consumption.
Continuously making green improvements 
No matter how many new green projects we carry out, we understand that we will never finish improving our efforts when it comes to sustainability. At CABINN we don't just talk about the environment, we do something about it. Not once in a while, but continuously.