Facts about CABINN

The brain behind CABINN is Niels Fennet, an engineer who got the idea for the hotel concept on board the Oslo ferry. He noticed how the functional design of the cabins conserved space without compromising on comfort. By applying the concept on land he thought it would be possible to create new types of accommodation – at entirely different prices.

Niels Fennet’s plan was to open hotels at central locations in cities where property prices are often very high – but to make the rooms slightly smaller in order to keep the price for each room low. In other words, CABINN would make it possible to stay in the heart of the city without having to pay a fortune. 

The first CABINN hotel, CABINN Express Hotel, opened in 1990 in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. The hotel was an immediate success, and three years later the second one opened, CABINN Scandinavia Hotel. Today, there are a total of nine CABINN hotels throughout Denmark  with nearly 2400 rooms, and Niels Fennet has proved that his idea holds water – also on land.